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M.Bottiglieri, LLC marked the official start its women's Summer/Autumn 2014 Collection at Hudson Hotel.

New York, New York (PRWEB) June 16, 2014 -- The 24th Floor Rooftop in the Hudson was host to the

Official launch event for the new high-end Fashion Company on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014.

With joyful exuberance and vigor, as well as the space reflected a passion for life, which was in the collective nature

of the M. Bottiglieribrand.


Owned by the Morgan's Hotel Group, the rooftop in Hudson offered a unique and stylish setting.

Magnificent views of the nyc skyline and Hudson River, accompanied with a cellist and pianist, set

The refined and classic tone. The centerpiece of the rooftop was a showcase of six versions

dedicated to the fundamental pieces of the collection, which highlighted the notable appearances of M. Bottiglieri. The

Place was ideal and allowed for free flowing exploration of the brand new brand. Designer

On the list of attendees were press, the Tri-State area, bloggers, and also boutique owners from SoHo, Midtown,

Fashion investors, and editors. Distinguished guests included Fritz Winans, Douglas Hannant, renowned

Bespoke tailor Katalin Varga, & Founder and CEO of the recent high-end brand, Salvatore Vitiello. On site were the

Business's private stylists offering styling services for the group throughout the event.

On display among a sea of M. Bottiglieri trademark cartons with red satin ribbon adorning every corner of the


The brand, that has been released online to the general public on May 16th, comprises a Summer/Autumn 2014 assortment of

Women's ready to wear dresses, blazers, pants skirts, and blouses.

"Beginning from the intelligent material selections, which allow for stretch and relaxation, through the intricacies of

Detail in construction, such as the hidden ladybug embroidery, the M. Bottiglieri collection invokes a

Wonderful awakening of the awareness. The visual aesthetic using clean lines and the practical day-to-evening

Versatility of the garments gives professional women a powerful mix of company, attractiveness, and

confidence. The silk liners bring a sudden and alluring tactile sense of extravagance with each measure," states Co-

Founder Aleen Hosdaghian.

Already creating buzz with the brand inspiration "la coccinella", Italian for ladybug, the collection is well on its

Manner. The brand was recognized by the press for the bespoke alternative of its women which has had early success

along with a robust marketing strategy dedicated to developing a unique encounter in the present online consumer

market. Adding to the group's allure, all garments are created in New York City of fine Italian fabrics, but

For the cashmere, which can be sourced and produced in Treviso, Italy.

Through various, M. Bottiglieriwill showcase the sale of the collection as well as which's on-line boutique

Pop-up shops, trunk shows and boutiques through the summer the Hamptons, and

Especially focusing on Montauk and the Montauk Beach House during its Summer on Saturday, June 28, 2014

Show Showcase.

To learn more on M. Bottiglieri or its collection, please contact pr(at)mbottiglieri(dot)com or visit

M. Bottiglieri, LLC's global headquarters is in the Printing House on Hudson Street

Neighborhood. The firm has a design studio in the Fashion District of NYC, along with design

And distribution offices in Rome, Italy.

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